I love not having to lift my hand to move my mouse to navigate the web. It’s hard to describe the mental difference, but the reduction in friction is like the difference between 160 WPM and touchtyping.

Ultraworking Work Cycles

An improved version of Pomodoro Cycles, with structured reflection periods to examine what is or is not working. I have found it to significantly improve my output and decrease distraction.


A mood tracking app with a beautiful and simple UI. I’ve found it helpful for practicing the skill of noticing and for serving as a “dashboard” to help point out when I’m getting burned out and what types of activities I actually enjoy.

Remember the Milk

The OG to do list app, gets all of the little things right and has been easy to integrate into my workflow.


I returned to Evernote after a long time using Google Keep because the evernote web clipper app is better. I use evernote as a slipbox, storing all of my tagged and structured notes and bookmarks.


Visual Studio Code

The debugging tools in VS code are excellent and the library of extensions make adding additional tooling easy and fast.


  • Python 3
  • PyEnv


My goto framework for web app development.



A simple Markdown editor with a number of neat addons like the “ask a pro” feature.