Soft Eyes

A teacher of mine, when describing how to solve an Algorithms problem, stresses the importance of making sure you understand the problem in it's entirety, taking it all in.

In the inner game of tennis the author says that a relaxed confidence is the thing to strive for. “When the mind is free of any thought or judgment, it is still and acts like a mirror. Then and only then can we know things as they are.

Ray Dalio in Principles says that being able to get to the root cause of things, w/o being blinded by emotions or what you want, is crucial.

Charlie Munger is quoted as saying that A trick in life is to get so you can handle mistakes. Failure to handle psychological denial is a common way for people to go broke

Focusing, the art of getting data from your emotions, is about having the right mental stance to your feelings. A calm, curious, interested approach.

I label this mental stance as having soft eyes.