Last updated March 24th, 2021

If you've already subscribed to the BenGoldhaber(.com) newsletter, that's probably all you need, but just in case here are other newsletters I read:

  • Money Stuff (Matt Levine)
  • Reactions (Ross Douthat)
  • Astral Codex Ten (Scott Alexander)
  • Applied Divinity Studies
  • Fantastic Anachronism
  • Import AI (Jack Clark)
  • Rationally Speaking (Julia Galef)
  • The Diff (Byrne Hobart)
  • Never Met A Science (Kevin Munger)
  • Stratechery (Ben Thompson)
  • Gwern Branwen
  • Alexey Guzey
  • ChinAI Newsletter
  • Alignment Newsletter
  • The Story's Story (Jake Seliger)
  • Trevor McKendrick
  • Colossus Weekly (Invest Like the Best)
  • Tim Ferris
  • Clearer Thinking (Spencer Greenberg)
  • Scholar's Stage (Tanner Greer)
  • Future of Coding
  • Policy.ai (CSET)

Also I appreciate recommendations for what I should be reading!