May 2020 Review

Overall this was a pretty great month. I feel a little weird writing that while still under Coronavirus lockdown and with protests and riots consuming the American body politic, but on a personal front yeah May was pretty great. I felt like I continued in a healthy groove.

Excerpted highlights from my May 2020 notes:

  • “I wake up in the morning unsure of whether I want to savor the world or save the world,” EB White said, “This makes it hard to plan the day.” #Quotes

  • "Johnny Carson in a graduation speech said he couldn’t tell the class how to be happy, but he could tell them from personal experience how to guarantee misery. Carson’s prescriptions 1) Ingesting chemicals in an effort to alter mood or perception; 2) Envy; and 3) Resentment." #Quotes

  • Table contrasting estimated vs. actual task completion times

  • Created my recommended products page.

  • I wrote two AI Vignettes this month: Skin Deep and TOS

  • I started cooking more, in particular making Thai Beef Curry in my instapot.

  • I started writing and publishing publicly on bengoldhaber.com. My pretentious goal is to have a long running conversation between past and present me, my more regular goal is to take all of the things I write privately and have a single place to share it publicly.

  • At HASH I designed and created a simulation template for a "rational agent"; it's a highly extensible simulation of a person with goals and preferences that users will hopefully fork and import into their own simulation. It's the start of what I hope will a longterm collection of composable agents, the building block for highly complex simulations of the world.

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