June 2020 Review

I feel like the theme of June was volatility. We're in a different world where institutions that have existed for decades suddenly feel like they're on their last legs.

Excerpts from my June notes:

  • We publicly launched HASH! The reception was positive and we're seeing some impressive simulations from users.

  • My partner and I drove to Big Sur and hiked Buzzard Roost. It was beautiful and especially rejuvenating to be in nature after spending so many months cooped up indoors.


  • The older I get the more I admire and crave competence, just simple competence, in any field from adultery to zoology. - HL Mencken #Quotes

  • Cyberpunk dystopian image of the now. img

  • I authored a pomodoro workflow that adapts ultraworking templates for use w/ Roam Research.

Good Content:

  • Fountainhead - you've got to get past the regressive gender politics, but it's a nice "opposite" to the current political zeitgeist.

  • 30 Rock - Maybe my favorite TV comedy. Hard to beat in terms of jokes per minutes.

  • Aziz Ansari: Right Now - it was filmed in 2019 and his commentary on racism and dating culture feels extremely topical in 2020.

  • Coen Brothers - Hail Caesar and A Serious Man were both excellent. I couldn't tell you what either were 'about'.

  • Harley Quinn - Man this is a great show. Animated comedy action set in the DC universe with a deep appreciative parodying of the canon

  • In a conversation w/ a few friends I identified the "style" of poems I like:

Open questions

  • What are the key things to do in your thirties?

  • When is it good to tell someone how you'll be assessing them?

  • What does GPT-3 tell us about the timeline to AGI?