Things I'll pay for!

You can contact me to request more information about any of these tasks.


  • 10% of any of those bounties for connecting me with someone that solves the bounty.
  • 10% commission on any bounty you help me create and fulfill. This is dependent on the level of work you put in to create a bounty. A "you should do a bounty on X" would be less than a "here's a detailed description of why this would be valuable and a template to post".


  • $75 for a chrome extension where I can paste text and it runs an arbitrary textlint.


  • [Claimed!] $25 for a voice recording -> notes process that I adopt. Should be Mac compatible.
    • This should be a combination of notes on what to do and software(ex. a set of apps + bash script), etc. I'll pay if I adopt, and will partially pay if I adopt some or all of it.


What if I start working on the bounty and someone else submits before I finish? You can email me and let me know if you want to work on one of these and how long you expect it to take - if you do I'll add a note mentioning it's being worked on.

What happens if I send you something that I think fills the bounty and you don't? I will thank you for thinking of me for this!