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Timeful texts

An inspiring vision of redesigning books for deeper engagement.

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To truly bring a book into your soul, to gain it as a paradigm, is akin to talmudic study. It's a deep read and conversation with the author over weeks, months, years. This process is like Spaced Repetition, where by deliberately building the ideas into my recurring context, I am building it into me.

There's something important here related to factoring. When designing an experience like this, the chunks of information need to be small to avoid overwhelming the user.

Religious sermons and meditation apps are two examples of engaging with content across time. Religious Communities of Practice create a context in which the ideas are embedded in the context. A meditation app is a modern take on this, where the meditations are preceded with a short talk by the guru. The user is encouraged to make this a daily practice.

Outside of developing new technology, how can I build practices and rituals for this type of relationship w/ text?

To be transformed by a book, readers must do more than absorb information: they must bathe in the book’s ideas, relate those ideas to experiences in their lives over weeks and months, try on the book’s mental models like a new hat.