Sometimes I feel like I’m speaking or writing very true things, like all of my words have a real meaning and heft to them, and sometimes it feels as if they’re autocompleted sentences. What the GPT-2 version of Ben would say, just filling in the words without checking if they’re the right words. My guess was my brain was doing that when it felt speed was more important than accuracy, but, when I’ve noticed I’m in that “fast-cache” state, I’ve experimented w/ pausing and then communicating, but I’ve found it hasn’t been that useful. It feels like I’m just waiting to continue the same thread and process.

The goal of the pause should be to let you bring your full faculties online. Sometimes its your head, most of the time - for me at least - its the rest of my body.

Consciously using the the pause to bring my body into my awareness has worked. It feels to me like a short, one breath focusing move. Pause, and notice your feet. Pause, and notice your gut. Pause, and notice your whole body. Now respond.

This has been particularly useful for me when writing long papers, where I’m particularly prone to letting my awareness slip away.